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Welcome to the Family Life Change CenterFamily LifeChange Centre SA functions on the principle "Give a man a fish to eat and you still his hunger, but teach a man to fish and he is fed for life." We help individuals help themselves!



"Shaping YOU for Significance"




"Developing Individuals for LifeChange"


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  Family LifeChange Centre SA information: 

Who is the Organisation?

Family LifeChange Centre is a registered Section 21 Company Non-Profit Organisation, Registration Number 2000/03077/608, as well as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Number 18/11/13/1969 which will entitle funders and /or donors to deduct their financial contribution from tax as regulated under Section 18 A of the Income Tax act in South Africa.
Who drives the Organisation?
Dr Anthony and Michelle van Tonder are the Founders of Family LifeChange Centre SA. 
They reside in Pretoria, SA. Their four children have all left home and have collectively blessed them with ten beautiful grandchildren.
They are Professional Transformational Speakers, Trainers and Life Coaches. Anthony is a Solution Focus Therapist, fondly known as ‘Dr How to’; his passion is ‘Shaping YOU for Significance’. While coaching CEO’s and Executives he assists them to ‘Maximize their business’ by assisting them to focus on their greatest asset: Their People. Michelle is a Purpose Specialist, who assists all people to find their purpose; from Teenagers to Middle Management. She operates in both the corporate environment and community.  They are available to travel to your Company, Church or Community. They also reach you through the medium of one-on-one virtual coaching and assistance, to small groups, to larger groups of 150. (For further detailed information go to ‘About Us’)
Problems they assist solving:
Counseling: How to Counsel Basics; The Counseling Process; Developing Marriage Mentor couples; Marriage & Family Counseling; Trauma Counseling Seminar; Effects of a Mentor; How to be an Effective Facilitator; Virtual Counseling
Parenting: Parenting skills; Step Parenting Skills; Bonding as a Family; Do the decisions our parents made count? Effects of divorce on children; Fathers raising confident children; Identifying with your child; My journey towards significant parenting; Raising Children versus Parenting; The effectiveness of grandparents; Understanding your children’s’ behavioral styles.
Marriage:  Rediscover love in Marriage Weekend; Understanding the Love of your Life Weekend; Pre-Marriage Preparation; Wedding Ceremony
Topics: like - Coping with Divorce; God’s design for your marriage (Roles & Responsibilities); Midlife Crisis and Menopause; Little Foxes that rob the Joy of marriage; How to get your Dad Degree; How to get your Mom Degree; LEMON in Marriage (and many more tailored specifically to your need)
Fatherhood: National Centre for Fathering: Championship Fathering; 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers; Fathers raising confident children; How to get your Dad Degree and many other topics
Personal Development: Sharpening your People Skills;
DISC Profile Detailed Analysis: Consultations and Reports
           General (10 Pgs); Team work (17Pgs); Senior Mgnt (25pgs); Exec Mgnt (25pgs);  
LEMON Leadership Types: Consultations and Reports
LEMON Basics; LEMON Communications; Team Building; Leadership Development; Operational Efficiency; HR & Staffing; LEMON Diversity; Corporate Social Responsibility; Advanced LEMON
PREFECT Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
Bright Star Personal Development Program: Brilliant Self; Brilliant Relationships and Brilliant Leadership
WellnessRemoving the Mental Blocks; Effects of divorce on children; 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers; Developing the Leader within you; Change Management; Stress Management and Relationship Building
Entrepreneur Enterprise Building: Finding the Gap; Gap Barriers; Gap Solutions; Filling the Gap; Problem Solving; Budgeting
Leadership: Anthony is an associated trainer for Equip – John Maxwell Training curriculum:         5 Levels of Leadership; 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; Delegating Tasks and Developing People; Developing the Leader within you; Developing the Leaders Around you; Developing Collaborative Relationships and all the other Maxwell products. Other topics: Communicating the Vision; SWOT Analysis; Synergistic Learning; Change Management; Team Dynamics, Stress Management and Relationship Building; The VIRTUAL Chairman.
The benefits they provide:
In all the areas they focus on they spend the time and energy on ‘HOW TO’ bring application to whatever you are doing. Information is great; however without learning the art of application it becomes meaningless.
They bring the ‘HOW TO’ into every situation no matter the field. Example: they don’t just teach you the principles of communication, they teach you ‘HOW TO’ communicate EFFECTIVELY. They don’t just inform you why you get angry but assist you to MANAGE your anger.
They don’t just bring the information of the laws of leadership to the workplace, but empower you with ‘HOW TO’ implement the laws to take you to the next level of proficiency.
A prime example relates to DISC in the marketplace. So many companies have done the analysis resulting in people knowing who they are, but not knowing how to implement them more effectively. Added to this is the reality that employers don’t understand ‘HOW TO’ channel their Adapted behaviour versus their Natural behaviour.
They have 41 families involved through 16 walk in Centers across 7 Provinces to assist you.
Why you should contact them:
They are market Leaders in assisting Corporate, Church and Community. They are the logical choice when you require professional services to put APPLICATION to any field you may require.
As speakers they will assist you with TRANSFORMATION, as trainers they will EMPOWER the participants with practicalAPPLICATION, as coaches they will embrace the POTENTIAL within each individual to catapult them into significance.
As Solution Focused Therapist couples spend their valuable time on ‘what to do’ rather than ‘rehashing the past’.
Due to the excellent track record of turning businesses around, your investment will definitely yield results especially through capacitating your people.
Society is marred by having a blurred purpose. They assist every individual define their core drive in purpose for existence.
Due to time constraints they have found a workable solution to reach individuals or couples through Skype.  Other methodology would include telephonic, webinar or face-to-face.
Companies around the world are able to have a well constructed results orientated meeting by making use of ‘The VIRTUALChairman’ services.
Contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it            



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Telephone: 012 991 8672

Fax: 012 991 4862

Doc Ant Cell: 083 677 3553

Michelle Cell: 082 704 2319

Email Anthony: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Banking Details:
Family LifeChange Centre
FNB Woodlands Boulevard
Branch Code: 230 732
Account Number: 6202 2178 041
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LifeChange Centre SA
'Shaping YOU for Significance'

 Family Lifechange Centre is a Level 4 Exempted Micro Enterprise with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level of 100%,

as rated by Emex Trust. (SANAS Accredited Verification Agency, No. BVA 037)

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